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American Messaging Acquires Aquis Communications
American Messaging Services, LLC ("American Messaging") is pleased to announce it has acquired the operating assets of Aquis Communications ("Aquis"), a subsidiary of ComSoft Corporation.

From a technology perspective, American Messaging and its subsidiaries provide critical messaging services throughout the United States. Using proprietary and third party wireless messaging networks together with its suite of mobile and desktop applications it simultaneously delivers critical messages to pagers, smart phones, tablets and personal computers. It also constructs and operates dedicated messaging networks for individual customers that operate in conjunction with other third party networks, including its proprietary messaging networks, providing redundancy and more rapid message delivery. Message delivery and review is easily initiated, monitored and archived using the Company's mobile and desktop applications or through customer supporting software that is included as part of its overall service offering.
More about American Messaging:        Company Background        Senior Management Team

Please see below for important information on changes effective May 5, 2014 at 7:00am EDT.
Account Management
The WebTouch Account Management System will be replaced by American Messaging's online tool, Account Manager. Please use the link below for more information.
Prior Invoices
Web-Touch Account Management is available to view invoices for the May 2014 billing or earlier. Please click below to view invoices dated before May 2014.
Send a Page
Former Aquis Paging customers should continue to use Aquis Paging Send a Page for now. The button is located below and in the navigation bar of this website.
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